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The Customization in Football Tactics is huge and very expanded. Leagues can be more or less completely customized, with features ranging from the face editor to editing the weather for different teams.

Creating a new Mod[edit | edit source]

A new Mod can be created by pressing on the "Modify Leagues" button in the top rght corner. From there on you can decide to base your customization on a In-Game Country or to use another mod to customize (or continue your own work). For the first, select "Standard" on the top and then a nation to edit. For the latter, select "Modified" and a player-made, existing modifications.

Customizing the country[edit | edit source]

For customizing a country, Football, Tactics & Glory has a huge amount of features. The game categorizes into "Basic" and "Additional" Settings.

Basic Settings[edit | edit source]

Basic Settings include:

Change Name[edit | edit source]

Here you can change the name of the league. This will also be the mod name when uploaded in the Steam Workshop.

Change Description[edit | edit source]

This will change the description of the mod. This will be visible when enabling mods in-game and also on the workshop.

Change Icon[edit | edit source]

Here you can upload a image to set it as the mod`s icon. It should be 300*300 big. This icon will show when enabling the mod and will be used for Steam Workshop.

Change Teams[edit | edit source]

This will enable you to edit the teams. It will open a team list, where you can edit each team`s logo, name, short Name and kits. You can also cahneg how many leagues exist and how many teams play in each league. By clicking on the pen near

Advanced Settings[edit | edit source]

Advanced Settings came with the editor update and include:

Change National Flag[edit | edit source]

With this feature, you can change the flag that will be shown in countries list and next to teams competing in international tournaments. This is mostly used for fictional mods, that don`t change the teams to real names, but rather completely change the game to include fantasy teams.

Tournament Names[edit | edit source]

Here you can change the name of the tournaments when the league is played. In some languages, you should change the name for all articles, you can even translate the names into new languages.

Customise Weather[edit | edit source]

Here, you can create different prefabs for weather. You can change the cosmetic style of the stadium for different months, but also the probability of special weather influencing the gameplay. You can change a nation-wide setting, but can also create various regional zones and assign one or many teams to it.

Change Facial Types[edit | edit source]

Here you can change the probability of various facial styles. The styles differ from one another in various facial features like skin colour, but also details like nose form. This can change the visual aspect a lot, as a team in Africa will greatly differ from a Asian team.

Add new Names[edit | edit source]

Here you can upload your own file of names for new players in the league. The file needs to be a *.txt file and include a name in each line. There need to be at least 50 names to be accepted by the game, but way more are recommended to keep a good experience over many years and avoid repetitive names.

Existing Modifications[edit | edit source]

There are already a lot of existing mods, both caring for real names and fantasy mods. Mods can be found on the Steam Workshop[1].